Natural Cycle House

The "Natural Cycle House" tempts with seductive scents, all-year greenery, rippling water, locally produced, organic and fair trade food. Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil offers sheer delight for all your senses!

The winter garden houses the café and restaurant where, all year round, guests can enjoy lunch or Swedish ‘fika’ under the green ceiling. Depending on the time of year, the peach tree is either in bloom or weighted down by ripe fruit. The grapes, Cape gooseberries, and figs are ready for picking in the autumn and used in pastries or in the buffet. During the winter the fire crackles in the woodstove and guests can partake in a game of chess sitting next to the greenery of the coffee plant. It is a memorable experience sitting in the warmth looking out on the snow while sipping a cup of hot cocoa, guaranteed not to be made from cocoa powder and water.

In the summer, the favourite places are the tables out in the garden. Try the house specialty ice coffee or enjoy a glass of wine with the garden buffet. The food and drink are delicious, enticing and are made from the best possible organic produce, prepared with care and delight by Felicia and Ann-Christine in the kitchen – part of the enchantment of visiting this ’green’ house.

Simply strolling around in this holistic ecological establishment, visiting the garden and the happy hens in the henhouse, browsing the small old-style shop, sampling artisan food – the lingonberry ketchup is quite famous – it all makes up for a carefree, relaxed experience suitable for the whole family. Overnight options are available and include an apartment to rent in the beautiful neighbouring house, ‘Gula Villan’.



















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