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The Chickens of Kretsloppshuset

Yes - a Cycle House is not a real Cycle House without chickens! The hens fulfills several important functions:

The hens deliver eggs to our store. For many years we could use our own eggs in our kitchen, but this is no longer allowed. And the few hens we have don't lay the amount of eggs we would need either. But - there are usually some fresh eggs to buy in the store. Ask if you are interested!

The chicken delivers manure. Both for our own garden and also for sale in stores. The manure is stored, dried and ground and then packed for sale.

The hens and the rooster deliver well-being! Chickens are social and pleasant animals that clearly give Kretsloppshuset charm and an unmistakable sound backdrop :)

In winter, the hens and their rooster stay in their luxurious floor in the Kretsloppshuset. In the summer, they move out to their summer cottage with free access among flowers and leaves.