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Friends of the Kretsloppshuset at Åre Autumn Market 2017 with "organic coal buns" and sale of food crafts.

Kretsloppshusets friends

In 2003, Karin Örnfjäll founded the non-profit association "Kretsloppshusets vänner". The purpose of the association is to give sympathizers to the activities in the Cycle House a platform of their own.

This is what the association says:

"We support extra efforts to secure a long-term, sustainable solution for the operation of the Cycle House. Activities in the spirit of the Cycle House are an inspiration for a lifestyle where consideration for the environment becomes fun, beautiful - yes - even a pleasure.
Businesses such as Kretsloppshuset's are very difficult to operate with economically reasonable conditions. The scarce resources create a constant financial stress in all the positive things you want to achieve."

Membership in the Kretsloppshusets Friends provides an opportunity

  • to give friendly support and encouragement to the idea and the people behind Kretsloppshuset

  • to be more or less active in a meaningful context

  • to provide financial support, for example through the annual fee, to the idea behind Kretsloppshuset

If you feel like showing your sympathy for Kretsloppshuset and its work, register as a member of the non-profit association by paying an annual fee of at least SEK 200 to bank giro 130-2116.

For information contact the board of the Kretsloppshusets Friends through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.