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The shop of Kretsloppshuset

In Kretsloppshuset's small shop, it should feel exactly like an old-fashioned country store, and the shop should be the exact opposite of a modern supermarket. The interior is from 1906 and a gift from Lars Wolder from the old Kaxås Lanthandel.

It is tempting, educational and fun to botanize in the Kretsloppshuset's shop. Take your time! From the beginning, we had a big focus on organic food because it was not so common 25 years ago to have a larger organic selection in the grocery stores. Now times have changed for the better - as far as that matter is concerned - and therefore we mostly only have a few extra luxurious and fun foods on our shelves.

We are, for example, a dealer for Norrland's own brewed coffee brand "Lemmelkaffe". We mainly sell our food crafts in our own shop and here you can find marmalades, juices, salts, oils, vinegars, etc.

In addition to everything good and beautiful that can be eaten and drunk, more and more fun and meaningful, sometimes not quite so meaningful, but beautiful and useful products are taking their place. How about bags made from recycled leather, artisanal soaps, beautiful recycled glass wine glasses, textile crafts from wool and linen, local ceramics, beautiful things for the garden and much more!