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The Café & Restaurant at Kretsloppshuset

The kitchen & bakery, led by Felicia and Ann-Christine, is the heart of Kretsloppshuset and you can't be anything but happy when you feel the smells from pots, pans and see what wonderfully beautiful and tasty dishes and pastries are created. All food is made using high-class raw materials, organically sourced and purchased as locally as possible, which for vegetables is of course linked to certain seasons and that we buy and freeze during the season. Everything is then carefully prepared with love and knowledge - we think this is true luxury:

The Corona pandemic led us to change from what was Kretsloppshuset's concept for the first 20 years – serving beautiful buffets - because it was impossible to organize in our limited spaces without crowding. So, we have switched to creating colourful, beautiful and tasty plates that we serve to each individual guest made to order and this has quickly become very appreciated! In the ‘core’ menu there is always soup and pie adapted to the availability of raw materials and always with freshly baked bread and colourful salads. Of course, the selection can vary slightly with 1-2 additional dishes, often a main course and a more lavish salad plate are usually on the menu.

Just like all the years we’ve been open, we make the most beautiful and tasty sandwiches, served with lots of green "decoration" and always have a selection of "fika" with cookies and cakes baked in house from the best imaginable ingredients. For our younger guests, we fry pancakes and top them with cream and our homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam.

Tasty tap water from Mörsil is served well chilled as a drink and we can also proudly offer our own drinks made from different kinds of local berries. Of course, we also have a licence to serve a small range of carefully selected beers and wines. Our coffee comes from award-winning Åre Kafferosteri.

Kretsloppshuset is both a beautiful and dignified place for moments of remember, parties and meetings. Do not hesitate to contact us for menu suggestions and planning.