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In the neighboring house "Gula Villan" (which was once yellow, but which today is again painted in the original grey), is our production kitchen, which we jokingly call the "marmalade factory". When Ann-Christin "cooks" - then the most delicious aromas seep through the pearl pontoon and spread throughout the house!

Our "oldest" product and among the ones we sell the most, is LINGONKETCHUP (Lingonberry Ketchup) according to the original recipe from our first food artisan Lisa Eliassons.

It is Ann-Christin Engberg who is responsible for the food craft and under her leadership a number of new products have been added, as well as older recipes refined. For a few years, Ann-Christin participated with some of her products in the SM in food crafts and always came home with medals in all denominations :)

Kretslopphuset's food craft is truly a craft. Absolutely everything is done by hand. It is physically heavy work and there are many stages before all the good stuff is ready and filled in jars and bottles. Each label is attached by hand and then the beautiful products are lined up like little tooth soldiers - a feast for the eyes.

Our food craft includes a variety of products, everything from herb salt, to juices, marmalades, mulled wine, vinegar and much more. In our own store there is always a large selection.

"Kretslopshusets Vänner" can be found at Åre Höstmarknad and at the Christmas markets in Åre/Duved and Jamtli with above all our mulled wine.